There are over 1000 changing places toilets in the UK.

They offer the facilities of a normal accessible toilet for disabled people but with extra space (7m² originally and now 12m²), an adult changing bench and a hoist (you will need to bring your own sling), which are essential for people who have a carer or profound and multiple learning disabilities or cannot reasonably use standard accessible toilets.

There are also hundreds of both Changing Places 'U' toilets and Space2Change toilets which are both very similar to accessible toilets for disabled people, but which typically also have a hoist and an adult sized changing bench but do not comply with the full Changing Places standard, often due to limited space or having corner toilets.

Access To The Toilets

RADAR Key RADAR Key Payable RADAR Key Unlocked Unlocked Unlocked Other Other Other access or unknown Your Location Your Location

Map pins which include a £ sign, indicate either a facility which you have to pay for entry to, or where a purchase from the business is required.

Changing Places do not always use a RADAR key (available from Some may be unlocked and some may need to be unlocked especially for you. The facilities are not always available for those users who can use a standard accessible toilet.

Always check with the venue for details which are important to you, before travelling.

To report any errors to us please click on the map pin for the incorrect toilet and look for the red box at the bottom right corner.

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